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Stretch bed sheets Boxspring bed - Is there a difference? Haven't you thought about bed sheets for box spring beds, or are you constantly upset that you can't find suitable sheets for box spring beds or the topper? Since box spring beds have different dimensions than conventional beds, the size of the stretch bed sheets for box spring beds should also be adjusted accordingly. We will be happy to give you some tips on what to look for when buying a suitable stretch bed sheet. Why should you use stretch bed sheets at all? Stretch bed sheets for box spring beds and toppers have a protective, hygienic property, as do bed linen, because they protect against dirt. Over time, all dirt from house dust, skin scales, excretions of house dust mites, mould, sweat and others come into being. And we cannot prevent these, but we can reduce them by resorting to high-quality and easy-care products. Clamping bed sheets should therefore be made of good material, easily changeable and washable. By the way, colour-coordinated stretch bed sheets for toppers and box spring beds not only look stylish, but also prevent the individual elements from slipping in boxspring beds, for example. Stretch bed sheets Boxspringbett - Which stretch bed sheet is the right one? For the procurement of box spring beds we recommend to choose a suitable sheet. Conventional sheets usually do not fit due to the height of the different mattresses. You therefore have the option to choose between clamping bed sheets with low bridge height (clamping bed sheets for toppers and mattress pads) and stretch bed sheets with extra high web for the inseparable covering of the top mattress together with the topper or only the top mattress. A good bed sheet can be identified by the material used. Natural materials such as cotton in combination with a low elastane content have prevailed. The low proportion of elastane is responsible for the stretchability of the clamping bed sheet – the smaller, the more stretchable, so the better is the seat of the sheet. Stretch bed sheets for toppers and mattress pads with low web Since toppers and mattress pads are usually thinner than conventional mattresses, you also need a special stretch bed sheet for this purpose. Stretch bed sheets for toppers and mattress pads are equipped with a particularly flat bridge, contrary to the stretch bed sheets for box spring beds. As a follows, stretch bed sheets for toppers have the property to cover only this and the rest of the bed remains clearly visible. Again you have the choice between many different colors and sizes 180/200 cm x 200 cm, 140/160 cm x 200 cm, or 90/100 cm x 200 cm. Styling tip: If you like it colorful, you can cover the topper with a stretch bed sheet in a different color like that of the mattress.